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Rise PT & Performance, a physical therapy and personal training company, sets the standard for excellence in the field, providing personalized care, holistic well-being, and an unmatched level of expertise to help individuals achieve their peak physical potential and lead active, fulfilling lives.


Our commitment to education, experience, and personalization is the cornerstone of our mission. We empower individuals to regain hope and confidence, even when they've received conflicting advice. In a world where empty promises are common, we prioritize honesty and authenticity, refusing to feed you false hope.

You are not just a number to us; you are a unique individual with specific needs and aspirations. We are dedicated to providing a clear, logical framework for your journey towards optimal health and fitness. We bridge the gap between traditional medical care and high levels of physical performance, offering a tailored blend of manual therapy and exercise to rehabilitate injuries and manage pain effectively.


Our value proposition extends to mitigating pain and preventing injuries, addressing the root causes, and focusing on modifiable factors. For us, it's not about superficial appearances; it's about treating the entire body and preserving the qualities that make your journey meaningful.


Join us in this journey towards a world that is more active, fulfilling, and pain-free. Rise PT & Performance is your partner in health and well-being.


At Rise PT & Performance, our approach to your wellness is a finely tuned three-phase process. We believe in your unique story, your individual needs, and your aspirations, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.




Listen: To learn we must listen. Learning your story is a critical to ensure our care is unique to your needs AND wants as an individual.

Start: Comprehensive holistic assessment guides the treatment and progression.

Reset:  Getting your pain under control is an essential step in our process. Advanced fellowship training in the area of manual therapy ensures that our hands on care is specific to your needs and limitations.



Prioritizing Foundation: We do not practice ‘’quick fixes.’’ A solid foundation is vital for long term success. We understand this and ensure no shortcuts or missed steps.

Mobility: The available movement in our extremities is based upon ribcage and pelvis mechanics. In order to maximize our movement options we must view the body as both parts and the interconnectedness of those parts.

Stability and grounding: Movement requires a stable base. How we organize this base directly influences our ability to express movement.



Progressive Overload: The key variable that allows our bodies to adapt. We begin this process from day one of your treatment.

Preservation: While your body is healing from injury it is imperative we prioritize not only affected area but the body as a whole. We ensure no steps are overlooked.



YOUR human body is resilient and adaptable. Our professional guidance provides YOU the education and tools to thrive and live YOUR best movement life. 

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